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How Do I Enroll?

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Enrollment is fast and easy. It only takes a few minutes of your time and no one has to come to your house to set anything up. Just make sure you have your latest utility bill handy when you click or call to sign up.

  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Flexible product options
  • Affordable rates

What Changes?

Reduced carbon footprint
Viridian delivers greener electricity that is produced from renewable and clean sources. (learn more)
Save Money Over Time
You can save money over time on the electricity you consume at your home or business.
Friendly and helpful customer service
Our dedicated staff is knowledgeable about electricity, green energy and all your other questions regarding your Viridian service.

What Stays the Same?

Your local utility will continue to deliver your power from the same grid directly to your home, as well as service your electricity needs.
You will still receive only one bill at the same time each month and make payments as you always have.
Deregulation gives customers a choice of energy supplier while keeping the delivery and service of electricity the same. (Learn more about deregulation.)