Viridian The wheels of change are turning; we'll be back September 12!
Thanks for your interest in Viridian. We're working behind the scenes to bring our customers and Independent Associates a richer, more rewarding web experience. Please visit us again on September 12 to discover our trailblazing product debuts, enhanced functionality and easier customer enrollment. We look forward to seeing you then, and if you're interested in learning more about the Viridian opportunity, you can join us at …

September 11-13
Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, PA

Viridian Energy: Power with Purpose

Viridian was founded with a unique and inspiring value proposition: Make green energy affordable. The idea revolutionized the entire retail energy industry, and helped the planet, too. Since 2009, simply by using their energy, Viridian customers have helped avoid more than 5 billion pounds of harmful carbon emissions.
Viridian Opportunity
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How can I become a Viridian customer?
If you are interested in getting a free consultation for solar on your home, you can visit and search for your independent Associate. We are not taking customer enrollments for electricity and natural gas during our system transition, but we look forward to helping you choose clean, affordable energy on September 12. Check back then to see our most current rate plans and energy offers, and let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!

Who do I call with questions about Viridian or its products?
You can always contact Customer Care by phone at 866-663-2508 or by email at If you are an existing customer who would like to switch to a different energy plan, you can still do so during our transition by visiting

How can I enroll as an Associate?
Contact the Viridian Associate who referred you if you'd like to fill out a paper enrollment form during our transition period. These will be processed as soon as our system is up and running on September 12. Or you can check back then to complete your online Associate enrollment. Also, if you are interested in learning more about our Associate opportunity, don't miss our upcoming PowerUP! Convention, where we will unveil Viridian 2.0. Register here

I'm an Associate. Who do I contact if I have questions about my business?
You can always call Associate Services at 866-657-8617 or email